Sunday Morning's Flow

Family Worship - 10:00-10:30 am

Our Family Worship time is characterized as a time of giving. We give God praise through a blended style of music and songs. We often take time to give God credit by sharing what He is doing in our lives. We also use this time to give financially. The financial giving is intended for the church family. So please, if you are new, there is no pressure for you to give!

Sermon - 10:30-11:15 am

The Sermon is a characterized as a time where we receive. We listen and digest what God has given in the Bible; His Word. Your children are so welcomed with you for the sermon, but we also have our Seekers program for kids available during the Sermon.

[We have a 5 minute break prior to our Classes & Groups.]

Classes & Groups - 11:20-12:00 pm

Classes & Groups are characterized as being a two-way giving and receiving. Classes offer a more traditional experience where a book of the Bible or a topic are taught. The Groups allow for more discussion and personal application. One group called The Afters, often discusses the sermon just preached. Another is a deeper study for just for women. We welcome you to be part of any of our Classes & Groups.

Seekers Children's Ministry 10:35 - 12:00 pm

The Seeker's is an engaging, hands-on ministry for children.

*All of our teachers and volunteers that have any contact with the children keep their background checks a clearances up to date according to PA state laws.